The BOOSTHEAT.20 is a combination heater that combines the heat pump´s ecological advantages with the high efficiency of gas condensing boiler technologies.

BOOSTHEAT.20 consumes up to 50% less energy compared to conventional technologies. This reduces energy costs for the end consumer and supports environmental protection. This is our understanding of a win-win business.

That’s why we’re pleased to award this month’s environmental prize to BOOSTHEAT.  We look forward to following this technology further optimization in the coming years.

The solution lies in the combination of two technologies:

The thermocompressor extracts renewable energy from the environment at temperatures as low as -10°C outside. The heat generated from gas is used to additionally provide the same amount of regenerative heat from the environment for the building. As a result, this measure leads to a halving of the needed primary fuel source, gas: one kilowatt hour of gas thus becomes almost two kWh of heat.

The gas condensing boiler gradually compensates the heat pump´s loss of efficiency and offers much better efficiency and performance than an electric resistance heater.

Further advantages make the product superior. BOOSTHEAT.20 uses a natural refrigerant (R744) that is 2,000 times less polluting than a “conventional” refrigerant. Furthermore, the combustion of gas does not produce any fine dust.

The thermal output is up to 50 kW. Natural gas as well as liquid, bio or synthesis gas can be used as fuel.

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